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  • Food and Wine: Best Pizza Places in the U.S.
  • Time Magazine: These are the Best Pizza Places in the U.S.

    Time Magazine reposted Food & Wine's Best Pizza Places in America list, which names Nicoletta as one of it's top 10.

  • Eater: New York Pizza Styles: A Complete Guide

    Nick Solares incldues Nicoletta's Midwestern style pie in his guide to NYC Pizza Styles on Eater. 

  • Dessert Professional: Top Ten Frozen Dessert Retailers in America 2013
  • CBS News: NYC’s 5 Best Spots For Soft Serve

    Plain is great, or you can get it smothered in rosemary caramel popcorn, citrus jam, and blueberry limoncello, among other toppings, or dunked in a root beer or Fanta float.

  • Food & Wine: Best Pizza Places in the U.S.

    “We’re all trying to capture those childhood tastes, right? I’m chasing the pizza of my youth.” -Chef Michael White

  • New York Magazine: Best Soft Serve 2013

    It’s possible that Bob Truitt, currently desserts honcho of Michael White’s Altamarea Group, has never concocted a single more primally satisfying sweet as the fior di latte soft-serve ($5) at his boss’s East Village pizzeria.

  • Serious Eats: Best Gelato and Soft Serve in NYC

    Nicoletta's soft serve is light and full of class.

  • Caviar: Featuring Chefs Who Deliver with Caviar

    Chef Michael White talks about the Altamarea Group restaurants who offer delivery with Caviar: Nicoletta, The Butterfly, Costata, Osteria Morini, and Ristorante Morini. 

  • Epoch Times: 7 Best Ice Cream Places in New York

    Alexandra Reichek shares her favorite spots in NYC for Ice Cream.

  • Daily News: Soft-Serve Ice Cream Now Available in NYC in Flavors like Strawberry-Jalapeno and Gianduja Chocolate

    The New York Daily News includes Nicoletta's Key Lime Pie Sundae among best new ice cream flavors in New York.

  • Gothamist: Where To Eat At Citifield This Year

    Chef Michael White brings his pizzeria concept Nicoletta to Citifield

  • Eater: Where to Eat at Citi Field, Home of the Mets

    Eater gives a rundown of all the new places to eat at Citifield, including Nicoletta

  • CBS: Citi Field Bites: Where to Eat While Watching The New York Mets

    America’s favorite pastime collides with an East Village staple at Citi Field’s Nicoletta concession

  • Whalebone Magazine: Pizza Cities: New York City

    Whalebone Magazine names Nicoletta as one of the 7 pizza spots worth having a bite at in NYC

  • Zagat: Secret Dishes in NYC- 10 Must-Try Off-the-Menu Items

    Diners in the know can request a secret pie at Michael White's East Village pizza den, Nicoletta.

  • Today Show: Gourmet Pizza at Home!

    Celebrated chef Michael White, of Marea in New York City, turns pizza up a notch with his pizza carbonara and his corn, blistered tomato and pesto pizza.

  • Giada Weekly: Mushroom & Spinach Stromboli

    Nicoletta's Stromboli recipe is featured in Giada Weekly.

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